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The right incontinence protection is crucial to your good health as well as your self-esteem and independence.

Our Product Specialists will verify your individual plan and help you understand exactly what is covered. Rest assured, you’ll only get high-quality incontinence supplies from PVG.

Contact us for more information about the brands we carry and to discuss which products might best fit your needs. Products are available in different absorbencies and sizes, ensuring the perfect fit and protection for each customer. We’ll even remind you when it’s time to reorder, so you never run out of your incontinence supplies.

Let PVG make your life easier.

We do offer a wide range of high-quality incontinence products to meet your needs. Because health plans and benefits vary from state to state, not all products are available in all states. Please call a PVG Product Expert for personal consultation and payment plans.

PVG proudly offers a comprehensive range of incontinence products, including a wide array of hard-to-find supplies and renowned brands.
Fast delivery, reliable service, and no membership fees.

Adult Diaper-Style Briefs with Tabs

Super absorbent adult diapers with re-fastenable tabs for bladder and bowel leakage.

Protective Underwear

Pull up style underwear offer full protection in many discreet and fashionable styles.

Bed Pads & Under pads

Offer protection for mattresses,
furniture, and car seats in variety
of sizes and absorbencies.

Pads, Shields & Guards

Made for both men and women, wick away moisture and absorb odors for conditions ranging from light to heavy.


Disposable incontinence wipes and washcloths stave away unwanted skin rashes and irritations while keeping you fresh, clean, and comfortable.

Pant Liners

Flow-through diaper doublers extend life of pull-ons & briefs preventing leaks out the legs.

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